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About Me

My name is Chong Lor and I am a Wisconsinite who is fond of hiking and travelling. My partner Matt (M) and I frequently travel within WI and the US in search of hikes and adventure. The goal of this website is to inform others about trail conditions via photo-journal.

When I first started to hike and planned my trips, I would look up trails in order to know what to pack since I like to be well-prepared. Even though there are many blogs and trail sites out there, I still had a hard time finding information about the hikes I wanted to do.

After reading through a handful of blogs about what others have gone through on their hikes, remembering to not make the same mistakes others made, and trying to memorize some of the sights on the trails so I would not get lost, I realized I would also like to make a detailed trail site for others. Sprinkled through the site will be personal posts too. If you are interested, please subscribe and continue to read about my adventures.


  1. Thank you for your hiking posts. I love being able to travel to beautiful parks from my desk!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I am glad you are enjoying my site.

  2. Great website, Chong! Thank you for the intresting articles!