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Friday, April 3, 2015

Easy Reupholstered Chair Seat

Back in October, I found this gorgeous mid century chair for $2.99. Even though it was in rough shape, I loved the weathered wood and knew that, with the right fabric, I could easily recover it. I was patient and waited until I found the perfect vintage fabric that would match my teal bedroom. The fabric was $5.50 for a yard and I scored a bag of batting for $0.80. I cut 4 layers of batting for the chair and then reupholstered the seat by stapling a 20 inch square of fabric to it. This project took about 30 minutes to finish and I now have a cute chair for the master bedroom. Since this is a chair that will be seldom used, I only did one layer of fabric.

Step by Step Picture Tutorial

Vintage fabric for $5.50

BEFORE: Mid century chair with vinyl seat $2.99

Stripped off the vinyl and old batting

Took the seat off

Measured 4 layers of batting for the seat

Covered the seat with fabric. Stretched it tightly and stapled to the back then cut the excess fabric.

Top of the seat with vintage fabric

AFTER: Quick and easy reupholstered mid century chair with vintage fabric.