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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sam Campbell Memorial Trail - Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest

Johnny, Nikki, and M snowshoeing on Sam Campbell Loop Trail

February 7, 2015

After a month of no internet, I can finally post what I wanted to from a month ago even though the snow has melted in WI.

M and I met up with our friends Johnny and Nikki in Eagle River, WI for a weekend of snowshoeing and ice fishing. We explored the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest with a quick visit to the Sam Campbell Memorial Trail. The trail was named after the naturalist and was made to follow areas he described in his writings. Though we only hiked the loop, there was a spur trail which led to a lookout point at Fourmile Lake and went further on towards Vanishing Lake.

To get to the trail head, we drove on squirrely but nicely plowed roads and parked at the designated lot. A large sign detailed who Sam Campbell was marked the entrance along with trail information. The trail itself was packed down from previous visitors so it made for easy snowshoeing. Along the way, we passed an elevation marker of 1700 feet which reminded us that we were in the highlands of WI.

The many rolling hills and beautifully quiet forest gave us the solitude we were looking for and if you want to explore a short but gorgeous trail, then the Sam Campbell loop is perfect. Hiking this loop in summer would also be great especially when the foliage grows in.

At the trailhead of Sam Campbell Loop

Map of the hike. We did the brown loop on the right of the map.

Starting off on the well packed snowshoe trail on Sam Campbell Loop

Undulating hills along the hike. Going downhill 

Slope of the terrain around us

Gorgeous matchstick forest along Sam Campbell  Loop

Rest stop with Nikki, Johnny, and Matt

Sam Campbell Loop

Boardwalk along the trail even though it was covered in snow

Sam Campbell Loop

Sam Campbell Loop, trail zigzagging through the forest

Fallen trees along Sam Campbell Loop

Sam Campbell Loop

Sam Campbell Loop

We found a snowman tree on the hike

Beautiful views on Sam Campbell Loop

Gorgeous tall trees along the trail

Sam Campbell Loop

Elevation marker along Sam Campbell Loop
The 4 of us! Almost done!

The last portion of the 1.7 mile loop

Sam Campbell Loop

Finished the Sam Campbell Loop!

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