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Monday, March 23, 2015

Cheap LED Track Light Hack

Taking down the large ceiling light fan unit

6-light track light system

We finally updated our kitchen light! Say good bye to the old ceiling fan unit and say hello to track lights! Even though M and I originally wanted recessed lights, we settled on a less invasive system. The track lights would require no ceiling cutouts and, as an added bonus, they did not hang as low as the ceiling fan so that helped open up our tiny kitchen just as much as recessed lights.

The trick to save on an LED track light system is to buy a halogen track system and switch out the inefficient halogen bulbs to efficient LED bulbs. One 3-light LED track system was $100 whereas one 3-light halogen system was only $30. The LED bulbs were only $40, so the total for our custom 6-light system was $100 instead of $200 if we purchased the prefabricated LED system.

When we pulled down the ceiling fan, the junction box was a nonstandard size so we had to screw in an all purpose cross bar which only cost $3. After putting the cross bar in, we connected the wires and screwed the mounting plate in place. We then screwed the track into the ceiling along the mounting plate, connecting the two pieces together with a straight fitting connector. Once that was done, M connected the power feed into the track and then screwed in the plate to cover the power box. We then twisted the bulbs into the track lights and locked them onto the tracks. Overall, this took us about an hour to complete, excluding having to run to the store to get the cross bar.

2 - Patriot Lighting halogen 3-light track light system, $60
6 - LED bulbs, $40
1 - All purpose cross bar, $3
1 - Straight fit connector , $4
TOTAL $107

Taking down the large ceiling light fan unit

Exposed wires: black = hot, white = neutral

Connecting the wires to the track light power supply, white goes white, black goes to black

Screwing in the all purpose cross bar

Power supply plate goes over cross bar, screw into place

Screw track onto mount and into ceiling joist

Power supply and one track installed on the ceiling

Installed 2nd track with straight fit connector. M connected power supply into track

Cover the power box

Twist light into place

M twisting track light unit into place


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    1. That was from the previous owner. I think the new lights are an improvement.

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