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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mosquito Beach to Chapel Road Trailhead

Mosquito Falls

September 13, 2013

M and I had a quick lunch on the sandstone ribbed shore of Mosquito Beach then continued hiking back to the trailhead. The hike was mostly uphill, climbing through the Mosquito River valley. From Mosquito Beach to the trail head at Chapel Road, the hike was 2.6 miles, having us hike passed the group campground and toilet facilities. The entire trail was well maintained with the exception of a few washed out areas near the end, closer to the trailhead. 

True to its name, we hiked through a very mosquito-filled woods and crossed a couple of streams on well built bridges. The forests were ethereal and the waterfalls were a treat to view even though the mosquitoes were buzzing and biting. After climbing out of the valley and viewing Mosquito Falls, the trailed ascended next to a marsh. We had to power hike the rest of this stretch since mosquitoes were everywhere. The trail consisted of sand and boardwalk up until we reached the end at Chapel Road parking lot.

The entire 10.4 mile loop was one of the most memorable hikes I have done to date. There were no challenging areas so long as one did not trip and fall off the cliffs. The entire loop had diverse foliage, fungi, and sandstone formation in addition to the awe-inspiring views from the lookouts, making this trail a must-see/do for anyone planning to visit Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

The entire 10.6 mile loop. For this post, we hiked in the yellow section, going from Mosquito Beach to Chapel Rd

Crepe-like layers of sandstone at Mosquito Beach in Pictured Rocks

From the beach, go southwest on the North Country Trail 

At the stream crossing, get off North Country Trail and continue onto Mosquito Beach/Falls Trail

To the right is the trail to Mosquito Group Camp. To the left is the trail back to the trailhead

Primitive toilet facility at Mosquito Group Camp

Trail ascends through the forest

More ferns and uphill hiking going towards the trailhead 

More uphill hiking at Pictured Rocks

Hiking next to Mosquito River going towards Chapel Rd trailhead

Bridge crossing over Mosquito River

Mosquito River, falling into Lake Superior

Smaller foliage and forest in Pictured Rocks on Mosquito Falls Trail

Mosquito Falls at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

From Mosquito Falls, another bridge crossing then hike uphill, out of the valley

Hiking up out of the Mosquito River valley. River is to the left

Nicely maintained trail with steps on Mosquito Falls Trail

Nature-made trails. Hiking over tree roots

Boggy, marshy area where most of the mosquitoes attacked us. Boardwalk

This was our view to the right, a raised marsh. We were below it on the boardwalk.

Continue on trail towards Chapel Rd

Washed out section of the trail. Still nicely maintained.

Bridge crossing, almost to the end!

Washed out section of the trail with boardwalk sections

End! Chapel Rd parking lot and trailhead.

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