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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Plant Bench Rehab

While at a garage sale this weekend, M and I found a dirty little bench that needed some TLC. For $4, we brought the bench home and poured some sweat equity into it. I loved the weathered look of the bench but if it wasn't properly protected, the wood would rot and I would be without a bench. We first reinforced all the wobbly legs with new galvanized screws, sanded the entire table, washed it, then let it dry overnight.

After perusing online for inspiration, I hesitantly showed M what I thought would be a good look for the yard. I wanted the bench to be magenta with brightly colored pots placed on each shelf. Though he thought I was crazy, he let me run with the idea and off we went to Menards. The magenta (Pittsburgh Paints Panama Rose in semi-gloss) turned out to be more like hot pink, but I held out hope that it would work in the end. Truth be told, I'm not a pink person and after some reassurance from my friend Al, I felt more comfortable with the newly pink bench. Two coats and two days later, the bench was ready for our plants!

The $4 garage sale bench. Nicely weathered but needed to protect it. M reinforcing all the pieces.

Color palette inspiration. We chose Panama Rose in semi-gloss by Pittsburgh Paints

Ordered this fabric for patio chair cushions.

Sanded the old paint off

Very important step: prime

Every surface on the bench was covered in the bright pink. Panama Rose in semi-gloss from Pittsburgh Paints

Panama Rose in semi-gloss by Pittsburgh Paints

The finished bench with our plants!

Trying to figure out where the table should go. Nice bright addition to the yard

Final look. Rehabbed plant bench

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