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Friday, June 20, 2014

DIY No Sew Patio Seat Cushions

DIY patio cushion in ikat pattern. Waverly Santa Maria Mimosa fabric.

DIY patio seat cushion with Waverly Santa Maria Mimosa Fabric

I needed to find patio cushions to match my bright plant bench. After scouring the internet, I finally settled on making my own. I purchased a sheet of 3" thick foam from Home Depot and some Waverly Santa Maria Mimosa fabric from Fabric HQ. For four 17" by 17" cushions, I ordered 3 yards of fabric. Since I don't own a sewing machine, I decided to glue the cushion covers and crossed my fingers it would work. Below is a step by step tutorial on how I made my own no sew patio seat cushions.

  • 3 yards of outdoor fabric, $35
  • 1 sheet 3 inch thick foam (72" x 24"), $25
  • 1 eight oz. bottle fabric glue, $7

Measure out the cushions

Using a serrated blade, cut the foam with long light slices.

Took a couple of slices but finally cut through the foam

4 foam cushions!

3 yards of Waverly Santa Maria Mimosa fabric. Cut in half here then into quarters.

Front side of cushion. Make sure the design is centered, fold fabric over cushion, and pin into place on backside

Backside of cushion. Fabric pinned into place then glued. Keep pins in until glue dries.

M gluing the edges of the fabric. Place weights onto the glued edges and let dry overnight. We used floor tiles as weights.

Put weights on and let dry overnight. Keep pins in until next day when it's dry.

With excess fabric, cut out 19" x 19" squares and iron a hem

Pin onto backside of cushion and glue in place so it covers up the fabric edges from earlier. Again, keep pins in until glue dries.

Add proper weights to hold down edges overnight

Finished DIY patio cushions

Cushions in use. Waverly Santa Maria Mimosa fabric to match plant stand and plants


  1. Hi Chong! I just came across this tutorial. I need to do something similar. How have you cushions held up? Did they stay together? Does the foam get moldy after exposure to the elements?

    1. I usually take my cushions in when they're not in use. They have held up beautifully and have not sagged or aged. You can waterproof the material and that should withstand the weather. I hope that helps! Thanks for checking out my site.

  2. I made a pallet swing and have wanted some sort of cushion. This is the answer for me!!! Thank you!!!

    1. Glad to help! Hope it turned out well!

  3. just did this for our inside mudroom and used spray adhesive and it looks nice! Thanks for sharing

    1. Great use of spray adhesive! I'm glad you found this helpful!

  4. so glad I found this!!! My husband made a bench out of cinder blocks and wood and we have been looking for thick enough cushions and ones that will fit!!!!! I will let you know!!!

    1. Glad I could help! I hope they turn out for you! Mine are still look new!

  5. did they last the entire season? Do you use them a lot? They look fantastic