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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Twelvemile Beach Campground to Au Sable Point

September 13, 2013

North Country Trail from Twelvemile Beach to Au Sable Point

Hike, started out at orange X and headed towards Au Sable Lighthouse. 3.6 miles one way then hiked on the beach back to Twelvemile Beach Campsite. Map courtesy of Google

After setting up our campsite on Twelvemile Beach and fueling up at Grand Marais, M and I ventured on an 8 mile in and out hike to Au Sable Point. We started our hike around 5:00 pm at the beach by our site. We weren't on the beach long before we decided to climb the last staircase we saw and continued hiking on the North Country Trail. The plan was to hike on the trail to Au Sable Lighthouse then hike back to the campsite on the beach. 

The North Country Trail was nicely maintained, lined with blue berries, flowers, and various fungus/mushrooms. M and I crossed streams and rivers, roads, flower patches, back country campsites, and various forests. One memorable patch of woods had half inch long white caterpillars hanging off the tree limbs while another had us crossing a raging river. By the time we reached 3.6 miles, we turned around since we wouldn't have enough sunlight to make it back. We didn't reach nor did we see Au Sable Lighthouse but were happy we turned around since walking on the sand slowed us down and we didn't make it back until 8:30 pm.

Start of the hike, went down to beach from our campsite

Climbed back up and found North Country Trail

Back country campsite along North Country Trail

Foliage on a dune next to North Country Trail

North Country Trail

North Country Trail marker

North Country Trail

Steep drop-offs on side of trail

Bright orange mushroom and white coral fungus

Trail conditions were dry with exposed roots, flat for the most part with some undulations

Trail can be seen on right and curves around the tree and goes to the left

Creek crossing on North Country Trail

North Country Trail

Uphill on North Country Trail

Steep and obstacle laden portion of the trail going down to a stream crossing

Stream crossing on North Country Trail

Woods around us on the NCT

I think we crossed Hwy 58 on the North Country Trail

Getting closer to the beach on North Country Trail heading to Au Sable Point

From the trail, we could see the beach and Lake Superior

This section had tiny white caterpillars that hung down from the branches

North Country Trail

Lake Superior red in hue due to rocks the water. View from North Country Trail

North Country Trail crossing Hurricane River

Hurricane River on North Country Trail

Hurricane River on North Country Trail

North Country Trail sign at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Took an excursion to see the shipwrecks on NCT

Cairns marking location of shipwreck

All we found that day for shipwrecks

North Country Trail towards Au Sable Lighthouse. We turned around due to lack of time and headed back to Twelvemile Beach

Now on the beach going back, crossing Hurricane River again

A 2nd creek crossing

Long and slow 3 mile beach hike back to our campsite

Stairs lead back to North Country Trail

Beach in Pictured Rocks heading towards Twelvemile Beach

Sunset along beach in Pictured Rocks

We watched the sunset on this cloudless night at Pictured Rocks

Back at our campsite at Twelvemile Beach Campground

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