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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Decimated Yard

While the weather was still warm and dry, M and I butchered our yard. There were 8 walnut trees growing along the yard's perimeter and, not wanting to deal with nuts and the tannin in the husks, we decided to do away with them. M sawed while I lopped the trees and branches. We finished the task in time for the last day of brush pick up and now have to plan what we would like to plant for next year.


Walnut tree growing along fence and into electrical

Yard with young walnut trees

A mass of 4 walnut trees growing in the center with various smaller trees mixed in


One tree down

3 trees down

Pile of walnut tree parts grew throughout the day

All of the walnut trees were taken out along with burr bearing plants

What's left of the walnut tree mass

Tore out burr bearing plants

Brush pile

When burrs attack

The burrs had the last laugh with M as they were stuck in his hair

Once we cleared out the plants we didn't want, we found this stump!

Decimated yard. We realized we didn't have rakes so we left to go buy some.

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