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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Blinds for Upstairs

I scoured the internet for weeks trying to find a good deal on blinds. Never realizing how expensive they were, I had sticker shock when I realized that one blind could go as high as $170! I waited patiently until I stumbled upon a 50% off sale at JC Penney. After consulting with M, we pulled the triggered and bought blinds for the house. We were able to get 11 blackout cellular blinds for a total of $570.00. If not for the sale, M and I were looking to shell out $1200-1700 minimum.

Once they arrived, we hesitated to put them up since the window frame wasn't thick enough to support the 2 inch blind holders. Moreover, the frame was also beveled, leaving us to wonder if our blinds would sit straight. After a couple weeks of waiting and trying to shim the holders into place, we decided to put up the blinds without shims and started drilling holes. We were happily surprised to see that, even though the blinds slanted every so slightly, they were able to stay up without looking awkward or letting in too much light. They were perfect! 

We learned to always hold out, when possible, for a good sale. I am satisfied with the deal we were able to get and could not be more pleased with the results. I did see that there was a 60% off sale last week but I didn't tell M about it. I think 50% off was a good enough deal and I wouldn't want to go through the hassle of returning and buying things for $50 cheaper. We're happy to finally get some shade for our hot and humid upstairs. 





Master with previous owner's belongings


Measuring where the holders will go


After screwing holders in place, M snapped in the blinds

Testing the blinds! :)

Master bedroom with blinds, new paint and carpet

Office with blinds, new paint and carpet

Hallway blind...sticks out a bit but it does the job

Hallway with blind and new carpet. Will tackle this area next!

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