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Monday, August 5, 2013

Move-In Mess

For the past three weeks, M and I have been moving things into the house one car load at a time. Once we were close to moving all the boxed items in, we rented a 10 ft. U-Haul truck and moved the large furniture pieces into the house. It was a quick move with the main furniture being the couch, chairs, beds, and tables.

The fun part came when we had to figure out where things would go and also where we had placed other items we had moved in earlier. Even though boxes were clearly labelled, we struggled to find where simple items, such as scissors, were located. We are now semi moved-in. Though the house is livable, we still have some bigger issues to deal with such as finding a possible new couch and getting new carpet installed. For now, we are settling into our mess.

Cleaning the floors before we move everything in

M's awesome parking skills with the U-Haul truck

Moving in the furniture

Settling in

The records finally have a home

Signs we've moved in

Laurel and Hardy are right at home

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