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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mid-Century Sofa Fiasco

The mid-century henredon couch with caned arm chair and curtain panel from H&M
The hunt for a couch has not been fruitful but after 5 months, I am proud to say that we finally took the plunge and committed to a sofa...a granny-chic sofa but a sofa nonetheless! It's a mid-century henredon sofa with gold/yellow fabric and wood trim. Sitting at 82 inches in length, it gives me ample room to lounge and hopefully take some naps on it. The color stands out against the blue walls, which is an improvement from the prior blue ikat couch we had.

Carved wood trim

Heavy but fluffy cushions

Punch of brightness from the floral embroidery

7 ft beauty

Slight curvature in the body

M was nice enough to help show off the length of the sofa

Napping with plenty of room to spare


  1. may I ask how much you paid. I ask because I recently shipped a similar sofa, which was damaged by the movers and I need to give an estimate to my employer for my damage claim. Please reply to me at Thanks!

    1. Hi! No problem about asking. We paid $100 for it because we got it from an craigslist ad. I don't know if that will help you or not.