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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Yard Work and Proper Washing

Day 2

Since we were expecting a visit from M's parents, we rushed to prime the ceilings so that it would seem like we did some work on the house. We gave them a tour and went out to lunch. After they left, we continued with cleaning, yard work, and painting.

I washed the foyer with soap and warm water using a two bucket system: one bucket for waste and one for the soap water. Ringing out the wash cloth into the waste bucket was gross but it was nice to see the grime come off the doors and walls. While I washed the foyer, M was outside tackling the lawn. 

The grass was about 8 inches in height and matted by the wind. It had not been cut since last fall so the grass was unruly and full of weeds and wasps. I watched him wrestle with the lawn mower, mulching the grass clippings in the hot sun and was glad I was stuck inside cleaning.

Once the lawn was mowed, we proceeded to finish priming the ceilings and start painting the edges in the living room. Priming the ceiling was a pain in the neck and it definitely turned me off from wanting to any other ceiling related chore. I was thankful we taped the baseboards and perimeter of the windows the night before so we were able to paint the edging after I was done priming. M did the edging near the ceiling while I did the floor edge. With the light fading fast, we rushed with the painting and called it a night.

Foyer Door after I washed it

The grime off of the foyer door

M mowing the lawn...can you spot him?

The freshly mowed and less crazy looking yard

What a difference

Still have to tackle the 3-4 ft tall thistles

Priming the ceilings...least favorite thing to do so far

M painting the edges

Finished for the day

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