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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Shades and Semi-Finished Rooms

Our renovation progress has slowed significantly since we are no longer on vacation and are putting our energy towards moving into the house. With this in mind during our final push before we went back to work, we managed to finish painting the edges in the hallway, successfully re-keyed and changed the locks,  washed more floors, found and put up shades in the living room and moved some items into the house. Not much progress for a full week of work but we are finally ready to move in and get settled! :)

First Floor Bedroom

Floors before washing with HDX Wood Floor Cleaner

Before washing. There's a paint stain on the floor. Woops

Post-washing, still drying

Dried clean floors


Living Room

M drilling holes for the hooks

M putting hooks into window frame

Bamboo curtains

BEFORE: Green flat walls with white fan and white shutters

Dining Room

BEFORE: previous owner's set up

AFTER: Dining table, chairs, rug, new paint and fan

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