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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Prime Disaster

After washing the living, dining, and guest bedroom, M spackled and sanded while I went around and cleaned up all the cob webs and dog hairs. We thought we were ready to start priming when we noticed that the guest bedroom had gunk around the ceiling. It took us half an hour but we were able to use paint thinner to get the gunk off the walls.

We primed the living room first and after a while, I realized that M's paint rolling skills were not the best. Horrified, I tried to show him how to lightly on push the roller and though he tried to follow through, in the end, we deemed it best I did any future paint rolling while he sticks to painting the edging. We were hasty but at least our terrible prime coat is done! We will paint the rooms today and here's hoping we don't end up with walls that look like a five year old's finger painting project.

Tied a rag onto the paint roller to get cob webs and dog hairs off the walls and ceilings

Spackling the 90+ nail holes

This room used to be bright orange

Black gunk we had to get off before we could prime

Black gunk is gone!

M priming the walls....

My side (L) and M's side (R). Overall, poor priming on both sides but M did say that he will not do anymore painting with rollers.

Living room

M finishing up on the bay window in the dining room

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