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Friday, July 26, 2013

Menards - Home Depot - Summer Storm

After work, M and I rushed to beat an impending storm so we could return a few items to Menards. The rain was drizzling when we left but since the storm didn't hit us yet, we decided to visit another Menards and Home Depot before going home.

While standing on the hilltop that Home Depot was situated on, we were able to watch the beautiful storm roll through town. We ended up not buying anything and drove home to chase the storm. I tried my best to capture some lightning shots with my camera phone but wasn't too successful.

Once we arrived at home, I went upstairs and, using my DSLR camera, was able to capture a few lightning shots. Though the majority of the storm ended up missing us, we enjoyed the rainbow-colored skies and lightning. The storm didn't help quell our desire to go backpacking, but we're confident that once we square away some of the bigger house projects, we can start hiking again...hopefully!

The storm in the horizon

Green means go

The sky was beautiful at Menards

On top of hill at Home Depot. Lightning struck and lit up the cloud on the left

Post lightning

Driving home, storm passed us but gave us a fun lightning show

Lightning captured via camera phone

Lightning captured via camera phone

DSLR picture of lightning over neighbor's house

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