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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Basement and Garage

M and I have been scrambling to try and get the house ready for new carpets. We can only devote a couple hours to the house each day so our projects have been on a smaller scale. Since we finished painting the rooms on the main level (excluding the kitchen), we primed the basement, tackled some issues in the garage, and repainted the heating registers. It's surprising what one can do in four hours though, it still seems very little in the grand scheme of things.

We made a new friend!

M vacuuming the garage

A nice and clean garage

Quick mini-project: spray paint the heat register covers

Spray painting!

Safety first

After: all white

M put a new metal weatherstrip on the garage door

Cleaning out the filter on the shop vac

I primed the wood paneled walls in the basement

M vacuumed the walls before I primed

Finished with priming

Before we moved in

Finished priming the wood panel walls behind the bar

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