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Monday, May 13, 2013

Governor Nelson State Park, Madison, WI

May 12, 2013

Video of our hike. Windy and sunny, perfect hiking weather.

Spring finally hit Madison this past weekend so M and I decided to do a quick hike at Governor Nelson State Park. We put weights in our packs (30 lbs) and did about 5 miles around most of the trails. Nothing fancy. Just some woods, hills, prairie, and marshland. 

Started at the blue dot and made our way around the perimeter of the park.

Trail head for Woodland Trail

Woodland Trail

Violets along the side of Woodland Trail

Woodland Trail

Mayapple along Woodland Trail

Quick detour to see Panther Mound

Panther Mound Trail

Back to Woodland Trail, view of a conical mound

Down tree on Woodland Trail

M taking a closer look

Mostly uphill hiking on Woodland Trail

Woodland Trail

Some baby Mayapple growing through bark

Scenic overlook on Woodland Trail, can see where we started the trail and where it loops through the trees

Switching over to Oak Savanna Trail

View of the area that Oak Savanna Trail encompasses

Trail does a U-turn to the right and goes up some rolling hills

Tree burls?

Oak Savanna trail loops around to the right

Oak Savanna parallels the highway

Looking back at M on Oak Savanna

Oak Savanna continues to parallel the highway. We took a shortcut to the right and connected with Red Hawk Trail

Connector trail to Red Hawk Trail from Oak Savanna

Red Hawk Trail

Looking back at Red Hawk Trail and Oak Savanna

Red Hawk Trail ends at road

Dead oak tree along Morningside Trail

Morningside Trail

Morningside Trail is bisected by a road. There's a bridge where you can view the Six Mile Creek

Back on Morningside Trail, heading towards the marsh area

Morningside Trail, marsh

Puddles, mud, and wet terrain along Morningside Trail

Brush along Morningside Trail

This worm decided to take a bath in one of Morningside Trail's many pools

Pet swim area at Governor Nelson State Park

Pet swim area affords a good view of the state capitol

Morningside Trail

Back on Woodland Trail, going back to parking lot

Coopers Hawk

Coopers Hawk

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