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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I reserve February as my "ok to eat anything and everything I want" month. I started out with Chinese take out from China Kitchen, then dinner from 43 North for Valentine's Day, and then cupcakes from Cupcakes-A-Go-Go Cafe. Though I do let myself enjoy some good eats, I also try to work out so I won't feel guilty afterwards. Besides going to the gym, I am currently walking around my neighborhood with a 40 lb pack so I can get used to the weight and condition myself for backcountry camping.

I'm slowly increasing my mileage with the heavy pack and today, I was able to do 2.25 miles over hills and ice. I would like to go faster and farther but the ice made the walk slow and tedious since I didn't want to slip or get injured. I am hoping to get up to 4-5 miles by next week...hopefully there will be less ice too. If anything, I will probably bring my backpack to the gym and walk on the treadmill just so I can embarrass M. 

China Kitchen

Beef and garlic sauce. Best Chinese take-out and best lunch deal.

 43 North

Started off with this scrumptious chicken liver pate with pickled radishes and mustard.  

Beet salad with goat cheese...unbalanced, overly sweet with soapy aftertaste.

Kick ass pork belly and apple glazed beans.

Very disappointing, tough, dry, red wine braised beef. Campbell's soup would have tasted better than this.


Top: Bacon whiskey chocolate, traditional red velvet, and turtle cheesecake.
Bottom: Lemon with raspberry mousse, champagne,  and Italian triple.

Frost on the car windows.

Hiking with 40 lb pack and with my trusty head lamp.

Hiking with 40 lbs. Head lamp ON

Ice covered the entire sidewalk. Snow dusted, frozen footprints

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