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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lazy Saturday

I made plans to go on a hike today but chose instead to sleep in. I don't feel too proud of myself for doing that since it's partly cloudy/sunny and high of 40 degrees F in WI in January! My extra 2 hours of sleep weren't worth it but I think M and I will attempt our hike tomorrow in below freezing temps. It should be sunny but I think a part of me will be a bit disappointed in the fact that we didn't take advantage of a warm Saturday. We woke up late and decided to watch a documentary on youtube.

We watched Walking the West, a film following two men who hike the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mexican border to the Canadian border. Walking the West was beautifully put together with exquisite scenery and colorful people though we felt it was a bit on the short side. The whole adventure from the men's backgrounds to planning, to doing the actual hike was squeezed into 56 minutes. However, taking into account that the hikers did this entire trek in 4.5 months and took a year to plan this out, the content in the almost one hour film was a well accomplished feat in itself. Watching the documentary didn't help me feel better about sleeping in but what's done is done. We have a hike planned for tomorrow...for now.

M has been listening to the soundtrack for Art of Flight, also a great documentary more so for the awe-inspiring images of perfectly snow-capped mountain peaks and valleys. I don't think I will ever do tricks on a snowboard but watching this documentary made me yearn for more snow and more high altitude hiking. My heart is forever in Colorado though I cannot see myself living there due to my fear of driving on mountain passes.

Though I feel like crap for not doing a hike, I did put M's birthday present (a workout bench) to good use with an upper body workout and I will leave you with some pics from fall-winter 2012.

$8.95 steak dinner at Quincy's Steakhouse post Mount Elbert climb

Breathtaking Million Dollar Highway

Fall hike in the secret garden in our neighborhood 

Baby turkeys in the neighborhood are all grown up

Fall view from the hospital when my nephew was in for Salmonella

Super cute Christmas present from my brother's gf. M and I hiking!

Foggy warm drive

Stayed in the hospital with mom when she burned her hand. Thankful we had a nice view.

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