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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

As the Ice Fell

Within a span of a couple days, WI has been hit with snow, ice, fog, and thunderstorms. This gave me a good reason to stay inside and enjoy the icy weather from the comfort of my living room. Today's warm weather compelled me to stroll through the neighborhood so I could enjoy the warm air before the cold front moved in tonight.

Bitterly frigid day

Warming up with nice blue skies blanketed by clouds. The resident hawk decided to come out and view passing cars. 

Gorgeous sky

Then the snow started falling with the warmer temperatures

Snow turned to ice covering my window

Next day, ice thawing forming little streams on the window
Today, woke up to fog and rain

Little raging river next to the lawn

Soggy and forlorn mittens.

Rain drops on needles

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